some of my favourite songs

i think it’s safe to say that music is one of the biggest parts of my life. my music taste is …eclectic and strange and wonderful and i have no reason for it other than THESE SONGS ARE AMAZING so here is a small sample:

  • me and your mama – childish gambino
  • a-yo – lady gaga
  • love at first sight – the brobecks
  • sex and question marks – the wombats
  • toothpaste kisses – the maccabees
  • cherry wine – hozier
  • white ferrari – frank ocean
  • first day of my life – gnash ft. goody grace
  • cocoon – milky chance
  • prelude no. 15 – chopin
  • sparks – coldplay
  • pipedreams- willie j healey
  • lava glaciers – riff raff ft. childish gambino
  • hung over – glue70
  • summer dress – july talk
  • passenger seat – death cab for cutie
  • sex – eden
  • hazey – glass animals
  • #88 – lo-fang
  • madness – muse
  • graveyard whistling – nothing but thieves
  • northern downpour – panic! at the disco
  • get over it – rat boy
  • glowing eyes – twenty one pilots
  • she’s got you high – mumm-ra
  • i feel it coming – the weeknd ft. daft punk
  • it’s you – zayn
  • girls like me – will joseph cook
  • light down low – max ft. gnash
  • to me – chet faker
  • life on mars? – david bowie
  • wake me up – ed sheeran
  • put a flower in your pocket – the arcs
  • jailbreak – awolnation
  • everglow – coldplay
  • redbone – childish gambino

ah there’s such a lovely feeling in my chest after hearing all those songs again. bonus: my favourite christmas song is christmas lights by coldplay.

all the best x



today was a good day: i laughed and learned and loved.

  1. i talked and joked with people that i’ve never thought about speaking to, and that gives me hope. something sparks inside me when i make someone laugh, or when they smile at me across the classroom. note: people are friendly, let them be.
  2. i also finished a lot of coursework. motivation and determination have finally re-visited, and it feels good to see them again. i spent yesterday evening with a set of colourful pens, describing protein synthesis and how a sitar is played.
  3. i am finally out of that phase of hopelessness, nihilism and sadness. i am finally excited and ready for life. i am finally happy to live. a few weeks ago, i painfully remember saying to my friend: “imagine how easy it would be to not exist”. i am ashamed to have stooped so low but now my mindset has done a complete u-turn.
  4. my music taste has consisted of childish gambino, the weeknd and frank ocean. i’m starting to run out of new tunes (which is one of the worst feelings ever!)
  5. i didn’t see my ex today. i don’t know why i think that is significant enough to write about but i’m strangely empowered by that. i’ve promised myself that i will speak to him again; to tie up loose-ends and to say my thank-you’s and good-bye’s. not now, though. i think i’m too afraid.
  6. i had an apple at break-time.
  7. i saw a friend from another time today. how strange and nostalgic. i wonder if he also felt that rush of distant memories and that bittersweet reminiscence that i did.
  8. i have been struck by a terrible case of wanderlust (caught from my friend who keeps showing me pictures of faraway places). i am so excited to grow up and travel the world and get lost in its endlessly intricate beauty. the other day, i introduced our plan to travel over the summer to my mother, who instantly declined. i love her, and i completely understand her decision but i can’t help but feel disappointed. i’ll have to think a bit more.

so, that was today. thank you for reading.

all the love