five minute write

maybe she tastes like summer
and she is the dress you see swish
slipping away in your sun drenched dreams
and cherry lipstick blueberry eyes
she’ll tip your world downside up and
leave you spinning; she tastes like
daisies and syrupy sunlight and you
wonder how she manages to quench you yet
somehow leave an immutable feeling of

dehydration and infatuation are deadliest in the summer

hellooooooo I wrote something again.


tie me down

i want airports with ‘arrival’ signs in every language, the sound of luggage wheels and the tuneless buzz of people.

i want the sky; i want to see all its different faces, colours, textures.

i want bumpy bus rides between the collarbones of ageless mountains and flurrying forests; a three hundred and sixty degree spectacle.

i want to feel sand between my toes; the almost silent swish of blue waves and calm sea.

i want to lie in a field of flowers with a tartan blanket and a friend.

i want late nights with a different kind of air in my lungs, different blood in my veins.

i want to be cold, fingers frozen while hiking through snow. i want to be hot, aching for the beach in a sunny place. i want to be everywhere in between. push me to the limits.

i want to be everywhere and see everything. i want to go without thinking of the endless variables that i would have to. one day, i will.

all the love x



i wrote a thing

this isn’t a poem.
this is me letting the tap run,
letting the red ink drip so
sweetly from my
love-stained fingertips.
this isn’t a poem.
this is me counting
all the times you made me smile
(they last me until the next time
i get to see your face again).
this isn’t a poem.
this is me romanticising
every atom of your body
my dear, your whole being
is a work of art.
this isn’t a poem.
this is my heart.
hello, i am sorry for not posting much recently. i think i’m too ingrained in life and that definitely isn’t a bad thing. don’t get me wrong; i will never stop writing.
all the love x


during one of my instagram binges, i came across this quote:

what’s bad for the heart, looks good on the page.

this is one of the few times something i have scrolled past has stuck with me. the romanticism of heartbreak is widespread. why do we all (us romantics at least) love to read about pain and longing? it’s kinda twisted, isn’t it? however, strangely enough, I completely understand.

something as beautiful as a heart is bound to shatter into verse when it breaks. poetry. those nights when you are shaking with the desire to write; to validate all the thoughts spinning around your head (at least you can touch them when they’re on paper). I think those poems are the best: the ones dripping with emotion, barely legible.  for me, writing is therapy.

so how about from the reader’s perspective? I think it’s somewhat humbling to remind yourself that a stranger behind a page feels as deeply as you.

it’s beautiful.

raine x


the mission to mars

a few weeks ago, we all had to give a five-minute presentation to our classes on a topic that we are passionate about. here is mine:

for generations, humans have been captivated by the idea of space. we spend billions on spaceships, satellites and rovers, desperate to learn about the world outside our own. from the first apollo mission to voyager 1 just leaving the milky way, its impressive how far weve come. 
however, theres one project that stands out to me, and thatss the mission to mars. 
in 2011, two scientists laid the foundation to begin the mars one mission plan: a scheme aiming to establish a settlement on the red planet by 2032. a global campaign was created in order to find the next astronauts. these people need to be strong, both mentally and physically in order to succeed as an astronaut. out of thousands of applicants, a shortlist of one hundred have been selected and tested for their suitability. then, they are put through a series of tests and experiments to see if they can handle the tough conditions of space after that, and finally, a public vote is conducted to determine who gets to go first. 
these people are pretty amazing, to say the least. they are jumping at the chance to leave everything they know for a life on a new planet, fully aware of the high risks and inability to return to earth. are they crazy, or inspirational? and what makes them want to go so badly? 
when asked this question, founder of mars one bas landsdorp said that this mission is the realization of an amazing dream. the spirit of adventure and curiosity drives the team of pioneers, and i have to agree. there is something so irresistible about the idea of such a journey and the excitement of a new life. however, as well as this immense feeling of euphoria, there are many practical benefits to this mission. 
its no secret that human life on earth is extremely delicate. our population is booming and we arent exactly kind to this little planet we inhabit. at this rate, we need two earths just to sustain the rate at which we are consuming, reproducing and destroying. we are a species hell-bent on growth and development, on skyscrapers and iphones, while pretending not to notice the tolls its taking on our planet. we are in danger, to say the least. 
so i can see why the thought of a new planet is irresistible. the notion of a fresh start on an unmarked, un-scarred planet fills people with hope. they fantacise underground houses and domes filled with oxygen: maybe mars isnt so different to earth. we could restart the human race and just hope things dont end up the way they did on earth. 
i guess the question im trying to ask is: do humans deserve to inhabit another planet? we as a race are fundamentally flawed. conflict, discrimination and selfishness run through our veins and we cant seem to get it right. is there any way it would be possible to create a perfect life on another planet after the mess weve made of our own? 
but then again, whos to stop us? 
would you want to go to mars? 
personally, id love to go because its such a unique and exciting idea; its a huge step for humanity and the technology weve developed to envision something like this and id be more than happy to go to mars. 
do you think the mission to mars deserves more funding? 
everyone has different opinions on that for many different reasons. the technology and equipment that this mission needs is extremely expensive, so theres an argument on whether it is more important than all the other issues we have on earth such as war and famine etc. personally, i think that we should focus on the planet we already have before venturing out to another.

all the love x

to my best friend

dear you,

you definitely know how much i love you. i am positive that you know how much you mean to me, and how much i am grateful for your existence. it’s been four and a half years since we met and i am perplexed as to how we got so close, but i am so happy that we did.

you are my soulmate. i’m pretty sure that among the rest of the human population, there is no one that understands me the way you do. you know everything about me, and i can say the same for you.

you make me (better, myself, happy…). i am so happy, and i wouldn’t be where i am if it wasn’t for you. you inspire me. you strengthen me. you encourage and reassure me.

together, we are crazy. a pair of absolute nutters. and i wouldn’t have it any other way.

love always,

raine (kiss kiss snog snog)



it’s been a while. i hope you’re okay. brilliant or amazing would be ideal, but sometimes okay has to suffice. it’s okay to be okay (never forget that).

i have been wonderfully happy recently, but the only disadvantage of being in a constant state of euphoria is that you no longer feel compelled to write: as wonderful as contentment is, it doesn’t inspire me as much as loneliness or love.

over the past few months, i’ve compiled a list of things i need to work on. here they are:

  1. i need to understand and accept that some people have different views than me, no matter how terrible or unbelievable they seem. i am selfish in the sense that i cannot comprehend how someone can be inhumane, judgemental or just plain mean. it sucks that some people are genuinely racist or homophobic, but i need to learn to understand. i think that’s the first step to making a difference. after that, you can help them to change.
  2. i need to be more outgoing. i need to be braver when meeting new people. i need to stop shying away even though i know that i would get along so well with people. i’ve never been part of the group that everyone wants to be in, and i just want to meet more people. i’m not saying i’m going to start climbing the social ladder, but i’d like to extend my circle of friends.
  3. i need to compliment people more.
  4. i need to do things when i need to. this admittedly hasn’t been much of a problem recently but i could always improve at self-management. sometimes i find myself scrolling through instagram when i have a maths paper due the next morning, and all it does is stress me out.
  5. i need to eat better.
  6. i need to stop wishing time away at school. yes, lessons can be boring and verb conjugations make you want to cry, but it’s important to live in the moment. part 6.5: stop daydreaming as much. notice the details in your surroundings and remember how wonderfully alive you are.

all the love x