it’s been a while. i hope you’re okay. brilliant or amazing would be ideal, but sometimes okay has to suffice. it’s okay to be okay (never forget that).

i have been wonderfully happy recently, but the only disadvantage of being in a constant state of euphoria is that you no longer feel compelled to write: as wonderful as contentment is, it doesn’t inspire me as much as loneliness or love.

over the past few months, i’ve compiled a list of things i need to work on. here they are:

  1. i need to understand and accept that some people have different views than me, no matter how terrible or unbelievable they seem. i am selfish in the sense that i cannot comprehend how someone can be inhumane, judgemental or just plain mean. it sucks that some people are genuinely racist or homophobic, but i need to learn to understand. i think that’s the first step to making a difference. after that, you can help them to change.
  2. i need to be more outgoing. i need to be braver when meeting new people. i need to stop shying away even though i know that i would get along so well with people. i’ve never been part of the group that everyone wants to be in, and i just want to meet more people. i’m not saying i’m going to start climbing the social ladder, but i’d like to extend my circle of friends.
  3. i need to compliment people more.
  4. i need to do things when i need to. this admittedly hasn’t been much of a problem recently but i could always improve at self-management. sometimes i find myself scrolling through instagram when i have a maths paper due the next morning, and all it does is stress me out.
  5. i need to eat better.
  6. i need to stop wishing time away at school. yes, lessons can be boring and verb conjugations make you want to cry, but it’s important to live in the moment. part 6.5: stop daydreaming as much. notice the details in your surroundings and remember how wonderfully alive you are.

all the love x


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