twenty-two facts about me

  1. my name is raine estales
  2. i am fifteen years old
  3. i live in england
  4. i love words – i think they’re wonderful
  5. i really really want to go to space
  6. i believe in love (but not fate)
  7. eddie redmayne is my favourite actor
  8. maths is my favourite subject
  9. i love how intricate and elaborate life is
  10. i love memes
  11. i’m probably listening to music
  12. watercolour is my favourite art medium
  13. i am 63% wanderlust
  14. sometimes i am happy. sometimes i am sad. right now, i am happy
  15. i have a dog called freddie and he makes me laugh
  16. i love crackers
  17. i love peonies and carnations (but not together)
  18. there are six empty mugs in my room right now
  19. i broke my elbow from falling off the sofa when i was nine
  20. i like sibilance and obscure metaphors
  21. i dislike riddles (unless i have solved them)
  22. my favourite colour is bright yellow

that’s all for today folks. (bonus fact: tomorrow would have been my one-year anniversary with my ex but i’m going ice skating with my friend anna so i won’t have time to mope wooo well done for being good to yourself raine)



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